Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy:

Our goal is very simple - to be your trusted stop for all your discreet, easily portable defense, surveillance, counter-surveillance, and protective tools and equipment for both home and while travelling.  We spend a great deal of time scouring the options through both domestic and international partners, and only select items that meet that criteria. 

We select from US manufacturers for all possible products.  There are some though that are simply not manufactured in the US, or are so much more expensive that we've selected from one of our international partners.  This obviously would impact shipping.

All orders will receive tracking information that you can use to know where in the system your product is.

For domestic shipping, please allow 2-5 days depending on your location. .

For orders from our international partners, obviously shipping times will be longer. In every case, part of our criteria for offering a product includes estimates on shipping that are reasonable given import processes.

In those cases, please allow between 15-30 days for your order to arrive. .  Sometimes certain products may be held by customs for various reasons, but that is the exception, not the rule. If more than 40 days have passed please contact us.

Please note, any carrier used in delivery of your purchase (for instance, USPS or UPS) may experience their own internal delays due to COVID, weather, or other reasons.  We have no influence over these delays, and so cannot accept responsibility if they occur and your original deliver expectation is not met.

In all cases, the location of your shipment is very important to us, because we know its important to you!  Please contact us with any questions!