About Us


I started GENDEF because there was no one place to go for those who live under heavy local, travel, or other restrictions preventing them from arming themselves, protecting their valuables, and ensuring their, and their loved ones' safety as they'd like. After spending a lot of time researching, my suspicious were confirmed, and my resolve in creating this site solidified. 

While there are multitudes of sites selling firearms, longer blade knives, et al, unfortunately most of these are outlawed or ridiculously hard to possess in these cities, or hidden deep on these sites, or so mired in local, county, and state law they’re virtually prohibitive just the same.  This would lead one to believe you have very few options. Not true.

Along the way, I’ve learned to search globally to find appropriate alternatives, and assemble them in one place.  I focus on small, portable items for self defense that are obviously federally legal, but also in the vast majority of states, as well as stand-alone surveillance and counter-surveillance items that do NOT come with long and expensive alarm company tails or bills, and all with a focus on both quality and affordability.  

I endeavor first to get all products from the U.S., however there are some items that are simply either not manufactured in the U.S., or those that are available have a fairly large cost.  The hunt continues within the U.S., but in the mean there are some products I’ve pulled in from international partners. In every case I research both the quality and reliability of the manufacturer.

My goal is very simple - to be your trusted stop for all your discreet, low profile, easily portable defense, surveillance, counter-surveillance, and protective tools and equipment most of which can travel and/or be carried and employed when in a suit or business casual dress, and stand-alone (no expensive service company bills) devices for both home and while travelling.

 Please feel free to contact me anytime at custsvc@gendeffe.com!

 Safe Home and Safe Travels to you and yours!