Your Brain and Body – Your Best Weapons for Self Defense

As fantastic as movie fight scenes are, the vast majority of us are not able to Jason Bourne or Bruce Lee our way out of trouble…. or are we?
You may not be as cut as Bruce, nor as quick; lord knows I’m not, but it’s surprising when you actually look into physical self defense how effective just a few well-memorized moves can be.  Disciplines such as Krav Maga, or Kali are not all-or-none pursuits.  You don’t have to be a triple-black-belt-dojo-flying-dragon-master in order be physically capable of causing quick enough damage to allow you to escape a threat.
I’m not advocating any particular business, discipline, or ‘click-thru’ here… merely encouraging folks to Google the local training studios and businesses in your area, and look into it.  The majority have free initial sessions to introduce you to their particular style, and if you decide to pursue it, many have incredibly reasonable rates.  And when you show up, take a good look around.  You’ll find these are regular folks, just like you and me who don’t have 2% body fat and look like Stallone.  Anyone(!) is capable of learning, if not mastering, these techniques to keep you and your loved ones safe.
You may never need it, but wouldn’t it be nice to have in your mental ‘kit bag’ if there’s a threat to yourself or your family?  Check out your local businesses today and pay one of them a visit. 
Safe travels and safe home to you and yours!